¿Cuales son sus mejores metal/hard rock albums de 2002?

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  • hace 1 mes

    Incubus Morning View es medio HR medio alterno salió a fines de 2001, pero sonó 2002/2003

  • hace 2 meses

    Envio una lista donde escoger

    steal this album SYSTEM OF A DOWN

    hammered MOTORHEAD

    killing the dragon DIO

    versus the world AMON AMARTH

    6 degrees of inner turbulence DREAM THEATER

    deliverance OPETH

    crucible HALFORD

    untouchables KORN

    long way home DOKKEN

    abigail II KING DIAMOND

    sons of northern darkness IMMORTAL

    remission MASTODON

    1919 eternal BLACK LABEL SOCIETY

    damage done DARK TRANQUILLITY

    crimson thunder HAMMERFALL

    in their darkened shrines NILE

    at night at opera BLIND GUARDIAN

    the metal opera 2 AVANTASIA

    century child NIGHTWISH

    black sun PRIMAL FEAR

    dying for the world WASP

    waking the fury ANNIHILATOR

    the odyssey SYMPHONY X

    damnation and a day CRADLE OF FILTH

    zos kia cultus BEHEMOTH

    tribute to the gods ICED EARTH

    heavy metal thunder SAXON

    natural born chaos SOILWORK

    reroute to remain IN FLAMES

    comalies LACUNA COIL

    man and machine UDO

    warriors of the world MANOWAR

    bounce BON JOVI

    catch 22 HYPOCRISY


    nordic land I BATHORY

    a bustle in your hedgerow down II DOWN

    volcano SATYRICON


    torment in hell DEICIDE

    morning star ENTOMBED

    the will to kill MALEVOLENT CREATION

    gore obsessed CANNIBAL CORPSE

    B day TANKARD

    cold steel for an iron age DESTROYER 666

    alive or just breathing KILLSWITCH ENGAGE

    power of the dragon flame RHAPSODY OF FIRE

    stone sour STONE SOUR

    use once and destroy SUPERJOINT RITUAL

    order leech NAPALM DEATH

    revelation VADER


    vapor trails RUSH

    hollyweird POISON

    machinery NO RETURN

    unholy cult IMMOLATION

    shining III SHINING

    kaos command 696 IMPIETY

    say something nasty NASHVILLE *****

    fight DORO

    brotherhood RUNNING WILD

    pain ROSE TATTOO

    bjorgvin TAAKE

    nothing MESSHUGAH

    the mantle AGALLOCH

    nihility DECAPITATED

    perseverance HATEBREED

    resurrection through carnage BLOODBATH

    let us prey ELECTRIC WIZARD

    one by one FOO FIGHTERS

    coup de grace ORANGE GOBLIN

    believe DISTURBED

    invoking the magic throne of satan INQUISITION

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