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Is this frizzy hair? And how do I get it to unfrizz? be much much less puffy?

Is this frizzy hair? Super curly hair? Or what type of hair mess is this? 

How can I fix it? Make it be less puffy? and have less volume in it?

Everyday I get out of the shower, or whenever any type of humidity/moisture comes in contact with my hair, once it dries up, it gets puffy and super frizzy and gains so much volume. 

Is there anything I can do to avoid my hair from getting too puffy and frizzy whenever It comes in contact with any form of humidity? And is there also anything that prevents my hair from gaining so much volume?

Please Help!

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    I would go hair gel or hair grease.  Maybe even just plain hair conditioner will tame the sort of "fly away" look you have there. Not telling you what to do or what will work, but if I am you I would put a dime size of either in my hand, rub hands together, slick it all over the hair to tame it, style and go.  Good luck to you :)

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    Straighten your hair. Only then will they lose the volume or cut them off.

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