How do I fix this LG G7ThinQ broken touch screen?

The smartphone itself is an LG G7 ThinQ. 

It fell and the screen broke as you can see from the picture attached. I have searched online for answers where some say to press on the screen to re-attach the LPD-something assuring me that it would fix the problem. I did, and well, it made the problem worse. I also read some other solutions that seemed similar to the pressing screen one, however I didn't want to try them out since I didn't want to make the problem even worse. I have decided to fix it myself. However, I am not much of a tech person. I've looked online for tutorials on how to fix this phone's broken screen. But those tutorial videos I have seen aren't exactly showing how to fix a damaged screen per say, and the ones that do, they are repairing Iphones or motorolas.I can't really buy a new phone since I purchased this one a couple of months ago. So that's why I want to fix it. Also it does have warranty but by the time they fix it it will be like 2 months or so, and I cant wait that long, not to mention that the warranty people will also format my memory card, and I don't want to lose the pictures and videos on my phone. I got some good sh*t in there bro.So does someone know of a website where there are forums or tutorials on how to fix any phone problems?And also, what is exactly wrong with my phone? I know its got a broken screen, but why is the screen like that? and what do I have to do to fix it? what part, or parts do I have to buy to fix it?Please Help!

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