How tall in meters, ft, etc., were the three angels Moses saw in the Last Heaven?

Just how tall are these three Angels in feet, meters, yards, etc.?

The phrase that stated Af's, and Hemah's height:

 "In the last heaven Moses saw two angels, each five hundred parasangs in height..."

The phrase that stated Samael's height:

"There was another angel in the seventh heaven, different in appearance from all the others, and of frightful mien. His height was so great, it would have taken 500 years to cover a distance equal to it..."

Here is the Link pertaining to their height...

Thank you for your time...

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    hace 5 meses

    A parsang is 12K cubits. Do the math.

  • Anónimo
    hace 5 meses

    You would be well served to learn the difference between fantasy and reality.

  • hace 5 meses

    0 metres. All three.

  • hace 5 meses

    6" to a foot and circumcised 

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