What is that TITAN Being that comes out in the movie JeruZalem? Are there any references or mentions of a TITAN in the holy scriptures?

I just saw the movie Jeruzalem a little while ago, and, for anyone else who also saw the film, there are some very brief, quick glimpses of the Huge Giant Monster/Demon that comes out who happens to be walking around the city doing God knows what while the Military is shooting at it.

Even though it came out for such brief instances. Only coming out 3 times for like about 3 seconds at most every time it came out. It still intrigued me. So I have been researching about it for some while now, however I have been unsuccessful in my attempts as I don't really know what to search for. I type out "Giant monster from the movie Jeruzalem references" in the search tab and the Nephilim pop up. But this is not a Nephilim as they were a couple of meters in height, and they weren't really demons but very big people, whereas this being is literally the size of a skyscraper!

The only other creatures that come to mind about this are the Giant Demon that also comes out in the comedy about the apocalypse by Seth Rogers and Evan Goldberg titled; This is the End, where a Colossal demon also comes out, and the video game Doom, where in the lore of the story there is mention of a TITAN Demon, as well as the appearance of its skull in the latest installment of the series.

So is there any references or mentions of this Giant monster in the scriptures, or any of the sacred texts? Is there any mention of a Titan Demon roaming the Earth in the apocalypse? Im just very curious to know what it was.

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  • hace 5 meses

    You mean what is it SUPPOSED to be, not what IS it. I think it's supposed to be just a monster-sized demons, among all the smaller demons.

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