How to know if a younger boy likes you?

I go to martial art classes, and I think a younger boy likes me, I don't know why, I just feel that way. I'm 18, he's 13.

I'm not interested in him and I don't want people to call me a pedophile or something like that, I just want to be sure if he likes me or not so I can give him the right signals that I don't like him.

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  • hace 6 años

    elder girl being in relationship with younger guy is not dramatized.

    my qn here is , do u like the boy..

    if u like him why dont u go for him ?

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    hace 6 años

    He is usually more nervous around you, or may try to act more mature (you can usually spot it pretty easily). He may try to do "stunts" and stuff and will probably try harder when he knows you are watching him. My advice to you would be to only talk to your friends so that he can't intrude on your circle of friedns without it being awkward.

  • Anónimo
    hace 5 años


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