What to tell to a guy who keeps telling me how much girls chase him, how attractive he is, how he has plenty to pick from (girls)?

And how much he loves himself? I have an online friend who keeps telling me all these things.

I never tell him he's attractive or "chasing" him. Could that be the reason he does it?

Why should I tell him?

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    hace 6 años
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    He's just being ignorant. He's full of himself, cause he's probably been told that he's good looking all the time. Also probably just getting you to admit it, cause he thinks he can get whoever he wants.. Play hard to get with him. And if he gives up. He's not worth your time

  • hace 6 años

    Tell him to stop BS ing you. Or something like that. No real guy that has girls chasing him would ever brag about it on line. XD it's just pathetic.

  • Yeah, thanks, I'm not complimenting him or anything like that :)

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