A friend called me asexual just because I'm a virgin and I don't want to have sex yet?

He called me asexual just because I don't want to have sex yet and he says sex is amazing. He's a jerk, he even tells me that he doesn't want a gf right now, just sex, and that he doesn't understand how I don't just go and f**k someone, being woman easier to get laid that men. I find what he told me too rude and I got into a fight, but then we made up.

If he tells me this again, how should I respond? I'm 18 he's 17 and he is a over-sexed hormonal teenager


We are online friends, we keep talking every single day on whatsapp

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  • hace 6 años
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    just ignore him, my friends used to tease me about it too...you seem mature for not wanting to have sex yet, you also seem like you'd have respect for yourself and a women for not being obsessed with sex and wanted nothing more from a girl other than to get laid...if he says it again just act as if you dont care and say that your not ready...good luck :)

  • hace 6 años

    Your friend is an asshole! Ignore him as much as you can, he's making it seem like being asexual is a bad thing, which it isn't. You have sex when you're ready, darling. Don't feel pressured and definitely tell him that he's being an absolute jerk.

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    Boys are mentally 2 years behind girls. He's a kid. Ignore him or don't speak with him.

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