Why do my perfect guy in my mind looks certain way but I always like guys with different features?

My perfect guy has light skin, black curly hair and blue eyes, but although I do like guys like that, I always end up liking guys that are similar looking and they tend to have this features: Brown hair, brown or green eyes and tanned skin.

I'm just curious, why does that happen? I mean, I do like artists or normal guys with the features of my "ideal guy" but the other features I mentioned are the most prominent in boys I tend to like more commonly.

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  • hace 7 años
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    It could be that those features are what you are subconsciously attracted to, or you could have just fallen for these guys‘ personalities and they coincidentally happened to look similar to each other.

  • hace 7 años

    First of all, great choice with the black hair and blue eyes (that's my favorite too!). Second of all, personality automatically makes a person more attractive, so when you see someone who has a great personality but doesn't have your "dream look", you're going to be attracted to them regardless. I think looks can kind of just be a matter of chance when it comes to dating. When you do happen to find a guy with black hair and blue eyes AND a personality that you like, I'm sure you'll fall head over heels for him.

  • hace 7 años

    Because there aren't a bunch of men walking around that look like that and the more you are open to, the more interesting men you get to meet :). And THAT'S why you like them, of course there comes a fun time you will probably meet that guy too :)

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