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¿Ayuda con Aplicaciones Metro de W8?

Tengo aplicaciones metro de Windows 8 crackeadas, y cuando el antivirus me detecta el crack como un virus, me las daña. Y para repararlas tengo que acceder a la tienda de Windows 8, repararlas, volverlas a crackear, etc, un proceso agotador y sobre todo si tienes todos los juegos de Xbox para Windows 8. Mi pregunta es. Existe alguna aplicación que me facilite esa tarea y tan solo con ejecutarla o con un proceso más sencillo que no incluya abrir aplicaciones una por una? Ayuda..!? Gracias de Antemano..!! :D

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    The Open Window Questions

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    8th grade ____________________________


    November 28, 2012

    The Open Window:

    Multiple Choice:

    1) What does Vera tell Nuttel that happened to Mrs. Sapletons husband and two brothers?

    a. They where drowned by a bog

    b. They where kidnapped

    c. They where shot in the forest

    d. They all went insane

    2) What do Vera, Nuttel and Mrs Sapleton see out of the window?

    a. A ghost

    b. Three zombies

    c. Nothing but blue sky

    d. The missing people returning

    3) Why has Framton Nuttel come to the country?

    a. To purchase an estate

    b. To take a rest cure for his nerves

    c. To show his horses

    d. To buy a vineyard

    4) Why does Vera say Nuttel Fled their home?

    a. He was afraid of the spaniel (the dog)

    b. He couldn’t stand country life

    c. He was actually a ghost

    d. He was insane

    5) According to Vera, why is the window open?

    a. To allow spirits easy access

    b. To let air circulate

    c. In hope the missing people return

    d. It is impossible to close

    Answer the following questions:

    1. Describe the setting of the story, including the time of year and approximate


    Late 1800's, october afternoon

    2. Why does Framton “need” to take a journey?

    He was undergoing a "nerve cure" which means that he needs to take time to relax perhaps because he was too stressed out from work or something.

    3. Contrast Vera and Framton.

    Vera is very talktative and imaginative. She has a sense of humor. She "rattled on cheerfully" which indicates that she is a happy person. Framton is very nervous, not talkative, and couldn't understand Vera's imaginative humor. Since he needed to undergo a nerve cure, he couldn't have been very happy with his life.

    4. Summarize the story that Vera tells Framton upon his arrival.

    One day, three years ago, Mrs. Sappleton's husband, 2 brothers, and dog went away to shoot ,but never came back. They were engulfed by a bog, and their...

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