Am i wrong, i want a girlfriend who tke care of me?

Really i live in Europe now, but i am tired of the dating system here! i miss the latin way or african way, i meant they never pay the dinner, is not about money but what it means. Or should i just stay alone for a while? is it wrong to want a woman who would take care of me!?


I don t want they to pay x everything but i miss a eal invitation to eat, to the movies!! maybe i am just tired!!! or too old!!!

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  • hace 8 años
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    Maybe you just keep dating cheap people, because as a mexican i sometime hang around white people and they pay for my stuff because some of them are nice like that

    and wanting someone to pay for all your stuff is a little too much, thats more like a gold digger. You might turn someone off

  • hace 8 años

    it is not wrong but eventually, you will get tire and wnt to take charge

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