What's wrong with being Bi? What do I say to my parents?

Please read all of this… I kinda need help! I'll try not to make this too long (I'll prolly fail at it) but here goes... Alright so, I'm 16 and bicurious, (since I've never had sex with or kissed a boy before) ((but am interested in boys in just as much (or perhaps more...) detail as (than)... mostrar más Please read all of this… I kinda need help!

I'll try not to make this too long (I'll prolly fail at it) but here goes...

Alright so, I'm 16 and bicurious, (since I've never had sex with or kissed a boy before) ((but am interested in boys in just as much (or perhaps more...) detail as (than) girls... >_>))

I trust my parents with other personal normal things therefore I THOUGHT they would understand, so I decided to come out to them (Mm...yeah, I know what youre going to say -- Terrible Idea, huh? Indeed it was... O.o) now they wont accept me >_>

They wont believe me, and instead tell me that I'm just going through some stupid teenage phase and that boys my age dont care with what they have sex with as long as it moves (*insert beastiality reference here*) and that I'm hypersexual. (even know I have NEVER had ANY sort of relationship with ANYONE... >_> and I'm NOT a shallow douche like 90% of boys at school who call every girl with big boobs hot and think about sex all the time), they think I'm having sexual thoughts and I'm horny all the fvckin time, which I'm not... o.o

They keep telling me that being gay (its so annoying that they call me gay despite me telling them 9000 times that I'm bi) is wrong, immoral, and I will be shunned by both women and straight men, that I will be bullied, beaten, and perhaps killed (o.o). They say I will likely get AIDS and die... (despite the blatant fact that straight women have a higher chance of having AIDS than gay men ((which they likely dont know -_-''))) They say it goes against nature and that nothing can be done about it because most people have gotten used to it.
They said -- the "They said" format is starting to sound like the list of grievances lol X) -- that I should get married and make kids for them and then I can do whatever horrible things I want to, is this a joke? (Added, if my wife doesnt instantly divorce me once she finds out I like boys). Judging from what they've said to me so far I've gotten the idea that all they really care about is themselves; I told them something similar and they said I'm an idiot and they are helping me (o rly? how so?) and when I said that I regretted telling them, they answered with "No thank god you told us, this is going to save you; you did a good job!"
H'okai..... "SAVE ME?" >_> From what; Murderers, STDs, and the undying wrath of homophobes? Oh noes, they also said that I will be excluded from groups of "real men", ya know, them badasses that sit aroun' 'em hard woo'en tables drinkin' shots o' whiskey an' talkin' 'bout roun'in up 'em Betsies. (ok I'm actually starting to say /really/ stupid things now so forgive me, haha, I simply can't help but make fun of them!... but taking all things seriously...listen) In my opinion a "real man" doesn't judge others, especially not based on their sexuality, and HONESTLY, I don't really WANT to be around these "real men" since I myself have never been like "regular" boys. I'm not at all like the majority of boys around me... I'm quiet, don't like sports, act girly, see arguing and honor as stupid, hate call of duty, and *despite me only having male friends, and never dating a girl, I've ALWAYS made better and easier friends with girls than boys, well, online that is, (since I never talk to girls in real life LOLOLOLO... -_-) however, this doesnt necessarily mean I'm bi... it could mean a lot of things, or /nothing/. Derive whatever you want from it.

Even before I knew I was interested in boys I said many things that would have been considered unconstitutional by the high court of anti-gay law; so I doubt I'd fit in with the "real men" and the Kool Kid Krowd even if I was straight =_=

Have my parents asked me if I would be happy with a boy? Not really. Just SHUNNNNNNNN.... SHUUUUUUNNNN; YOU WILL BECOME AN OUTCAST; BEWARE YOU WILL PERISH! -__-

They say homosexuality is sick and wrong; but me listening to them ranting on about that bullshit is a lot more sickening -- !!in my opinion!!

They say nobody in our family will understand if you are gay, YOU KNOW THAT RIGHT? (biiiiig scary emphasis on me confirming my awareness of the previously said statement)

So I have never had any sexual contact with any boy, they say, so I can't know 100% I like boys... but heres the gaping hole in /that/ logic; I've never had any sexual contact with a girl, how can I tell 100% if I like girls!? How can anyone? Hmmmmm.. well SOMEHOW people still figure it out! It's a miracle! How does it happen!? ***derp answer*** Iz nohmal so iz implaid that you laik goils, yoo wount laik bois if yoo nohmal.
I’d appreciate like a less ignorant answer than that.

So what do you think of all this? An opinion? Please help me… thi
Actualizar: this is annoying and I don’t know what to do or say to them!
What do you think I should do, now that you've read my story (I freakin HOPE you've read it >_> you'd better have...)

And I'm not gay, I'm bi, for the over 9000th time.
Actualización 2: Hey Keith thanks for the advice, my parents arent religious but they do appear very ignorant, most likely because of the background they were raised in... and I will try just not to talk about it with them anymore. But being abused and calling child line.... wtf? Sorry but I'm definitely not doing that lol.
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