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Is this coffee+espresso machine a good coffee+espresso maker?

I am getting a coffee/espresso maker for my dad for his birthday. I am wondering if Mr. Coffee ECM21 4-Shot Espresso Machine is a good coffee/espresso maker? Please help.

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    If you are looking for value to money and reliable coffee maker machine, i would certainly recommend you to use the cuisinart brand. I have recently bought Cuisinart DCC-1200 12-Cup Brew Central Coffeemaker for $65.95 after reading the review at kitchen stuff review website (see source). Here i quote the Cuisinart Coffeemaker review i read from the site:

    "This state of the art coffeemaker lets you fine tune the process from filtering the water you brew with to keeping the brewed coffee at the precise temperature you desire. If you’re the impatient type you can grab a cup before brewing is complete (or program your coffee to be ready and waiting at wake up time), and if you tend to be forgetful, this appliance has auto shut off. Seems as though Cuisinart has covered all the bases in this deluxe coffeemaker."

    Recently i find out that this coffeemaker is on the top 10 best seller kitchenware in amazon site too.

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    It'll make ok coffee, but what it produces isn't espresso. I'd recommend just getting a regular coffee maker for coffee. If you want to let him make espresso (as close as you can get without a $400+ machine and special grinder), my method of choice would be a Bialetti stove-top. There are a bunch of them, but the Brikka is the only model out there that makes crema (the foamy top) that is the signature of good espresso.

    It's a little more work than an electric coffee pot, but it's easy to clean, has no electronics or glass to break, and is portable to bring on vacations. If you get it just tell him that he needs to brew & through out the first batch. That gives the aluminum a coat of coffee oils to prevent it from affecting the flavor. Just rinse & it's ready to go.

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    No, it is crap. save up for a decent espresso grinder -- gaggia MDF and a machine -- they are about $200.00 other wise stick with drip.

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    i dont have one. but Mr. Coffee is usually a really goo name brand. :) i hope i helped. and i am sure your dad would love it anyways! the thought is what counts! xoxo

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