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Best Coffee to use with Espresso Machine?

I am buying a Cookworks Signature Espresso Maker I'll put link to it below. And I am wondering what do you put in it I know its espresso beans which are grinded but I dont want to buy a grinder and beans, can you get a jar of instant espresso for use on a espresso machine and also do I have to fill it up to the top I currently drink Nescafé Golden Blend Decaff so would be able to put a tea spoon of that into it or would I have to get grinded beans and what are espresso pods I keep seeing these online but there is not explation on what to do I think you put that in the machine like the Dolcou Gouesto machines is that what they are also whats the best coffee to use in the machine and whats the best way to froth the milk and do you have any links to the Costa Coffee styled cups like cappicuno cups I can only see ones which are £20 and I only want one thanks for reading.

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    Find a good shop that sells Italian foods or grocery's, in the UK most of the shops like Tesco and Morrison's sell a good quality ground brand Lavazza, Gioia, Barralla and Iona are available in the coffee and tea section, when I have visited one of my favourite things to do is stroll the shops, here in Canada we have 4-6 brands, but some of the gourmet shops in London and Liverpool where I visit have a few nicer ones.

    It depends on your taste, if your drinking espresso or cappuccino, some differ when you add milk and sugar with the foamy top or "crema", in a sense it is better to try several types over time and se what you prefer, coffee like beer/ale is a personal thing.

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    get a kenyan coffee

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