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BUGATTI Diva Espresso Coffee Machine / Maker?

Hi,I have the above for a few months now,and it's a great machine.

The body on mine is lilac ,the rest is all chrome.(The body does come apart from the machine ,(if you know what your doing) I can do that so I'm wondering if I could buy the chrome body from some site out there,and fit it myself.I'm looking at search engines but all they come up with is sales .Someone out there must know where I can buy the part I need.



Yes Michael they are good .One small problem.(there are 2 filter holder's,one for pods and the other for ground coffee.

You could fit any cup if your using the pod's but if your using the ground filter holder then coffee cup has to be less than 7cm in height if your using 2 at a time.I just use the one anyway so it don't matter Cheers

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    I have also tried searching in different online shops and I have not found a shop that just sells just the chrome body. You may want to contact their service center and try ordering straight from there just to be sure. Is the Bugatti any good? Based on the capresso reviews I read in a magazine, bugatti is also a good espresso machine. Hope this post helped.

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    Coffee Maker

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