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Coffee Maker/ Espresso Combo Machine Help?

I want to get my husband a coffee maker for Christmas and I keep seeing ones that also have an attached espresso maker. I have no clue what espresso is exactly, but I think he would enjoy it. Could someone please explain to me what Espresso is and how it's made and how you are supposed to drink it. Also, if you know what brand is the best. Thank you

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    Espresso is a method of making coffee by forcing water, under pressure, through the grounds. I've never seen a coffee machine that can make anything resembling espresso (some espresso machines can't even), but you can make an "Americano" (coffee) by adding hot water to espresso.

    I don't know what your budget is, but if he wants espresso buy an espresso machine (no dual anything) or a stove-top moka pot (if you're on a tighter budget). If he just wants good coffee, look into a french press or a vacuum brewer (if you like something unique)

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    Ive owned several espresso machines over the years. Some on the lower end of the spectrum ($50 Mr Coffee), some on the higher end ($500 De'Longhi). Ive found that as far as setup, clean up and good coffee, my favorite espresso maker is my trusty $20 Bialetti stove top.

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    Espresso is actually the name of a dark roast coffee bean. An espresso machine will brew espresso coffee via steam forced pump (the better ones are pump).

    Espresso can be used for cappucino's, latte's, americanas, dopio's and several other espresso based drinks. It is also very good to sip all by itself

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