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Top 10 defensive linemen ever?

Combined DE and DT. You can list in order, or just list as I will. Here are mine in random order:

Randy White

Reggie White

Alan Page

Lee Roy Selmon

Bob Lilly

Gino Marchetti

Joe Greene

Deacon Jones

Merlin Olsen

Bruce Smith

Howie Long

Sorry, had to list 11, couldn't leave any of them off. I am mad that Art Donovan, Jack Youngblood, and Carl Eller didn't make the list!

Best ever? Okay, tie between Reggie White and Bob Lilly.



Cev S-

Deacon Jones was the best pass rusher, but you could run over him easily. That was where Olsen came in!

Actualización 2:

I have Randy White a very close third behind Bob and Reggie.

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    That's a terrific list. Though I would put Jack Youngblood on that list over Howie Long. Two other guys that I think deserve mention are Michael Strahan and Warren Sapp. Those are two guys that changed the way defense was played.

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    Oh man this is a good one.

    1. Deacon Jones - Arguably the greatest sack artist of all time, this man basically invented the sack, and once recorded 21 of them in a 14 game season, and in a league that was all run first!

    2. Reggie White - Being a Vikings fan this is hard to say, but Reggie White was a whole different breed of defensive end, he basically reinvented the position and tactics used not to mention the guy won defensive player of the year in two different decades!

    3 "Mean" Joe Greene - He was a No.1 draft pick 10x pro bowler, and 5x all nfl, not to mention NFL Defensive Rookie of the year, and 2x defensive player of the year, He was the anchor of the Pittsburgh defense which is still one of the references of greatness today!

    4. Alan Page - Page did so much for the game, and my Vikings. Including being on the second player at the time to win the MVP from the defensive side of the ball, let alone down in the trenches!

    5. Randy White - White was a 9x straight pro bowler, and was an all pro for those 9 seasons, anytime you go over 1000 tackles and 100 sacks you know you have to mentioned with the greats.

    6. Bruce Smith - Man its sad that most people will remember the aging Smith playing in Washington all washed up, back in his prime this guy was a beast! Along with being a 2x defensive player of the year, you cant deny he does hold the sack record.

    7. Jack Youngblood - This guy had 170 sacks before they were even counted! And again in the 70's teams were running a lot more then they do now.

    8. Merlin Olsen - I never got to see these guys play, so some might say he probably had some help with teams being afraid of Deacon, but Merlin was a 15x pro bowler in 15 seasons! That stat alone should cement him on the list.

    9. Carl Eller - Ellers Purple People eaters, were a force to be reckoned with in a league that was based on offense, they showed the power of defense, Eller was not only amazing at getting to the QB (44 sacks in 74-77) he was also very productive as a turnover artist. He also played in 6 pro bowls.

    10. Bob Lilly - This was a hard pick to try and fit one more guy in, in fact I first wrote up a thing on Howie Long before picking Lilly, 94 career sacks, 11x pro bowler, 7x all pro, and a first ballot H.O.Fer

    To pick between Reggie White, and Deacon Jones for best ever is really too hard for me, I never had the pleasure of watching Deacon Jones, but the way he changed the game makes me believe he has to be #1

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    Sorry, had to list 11, couldn't leave any of them off. I am mad that Art Donovan, Jack Youngblood, and Carl Eller didn't make the list! YOUR LIST

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    1.David Deacon Jones

    2.Reggie White

    3/."Mean" Joe Greene

    3/.Bob Lilly ( it hurts to put him at 3.)

    Fuente(s): If you don't count Deacon as the best..
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    bryce paup...u might not remember him but look him up! and bruce smith are top 2, thats all that matters

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    dont answer the question then u idiot...

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