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__espresso machine__?

what espresso machine that does the works(makes cappuccinos, froths the milk etc.....etc...) is good but moderately priced?


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    i strongly advise that you save the money you intend to spend on a cheap espresso machine & put it towards a much better espresso machine when you have saved some more. why? because that's what you are going to do anyway when the cheap espresso machine disappoints you. expensive machines are expensive for a reason, they arent just 'ripping you off'. espresso machines are pressure vessels & they also need to be able maintain 'thermal stability' - this generally means lots of metal & this costs. great coffee doesnt have to mean espresso. great coffee means great coffee beans, freshly roasted by a reputable roaster, then freshly ground by you when you make a cup of coffee. the actual device for making the coffee can be an inexpensive drip filter or plunger. if you want to spend some money get a decent grinder.

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    My sister bought me a Mr. Coffee machine a couple years ago and it still works. I just checked the web and you should be able to pick one up south of $50, even at Target or Wal Mart.

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    Braun -- costs about $60 at a number of big box stores....

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    i cant remember the name but there was one in sears (if you have one where you live) it was only 99.99 and it did ever thing you are asking for. hope i helped.


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