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how to make espresso coffee without any kind of coffee maker??

actually i want to make it chilled!!

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    The bad news is: You can't make real espresso without an espresso machine. You need pressure to make that.

    The good news is: To make iced cappuccino, you don't have to start with real espresso. You can use instant espresso powder (medaglia d' oro is a good one, but you can use good ol' instant coffee too.)

    Mix instant espresso powder with milk, sugar, and flavored syrups (you don't need much to make it really good). Serve over ice. YUM.

    Fuente(s): I used to own a coffeehouse, and make iced cappuccino all the time at home.
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    old fashioned way the italians sometimes still do is just to boil the espresso beans in a pot with water. The Turkish do it all the time. It takes a lot of beans, water and patience. Sive the coffee afterwards. The Turkish people do this every day, except from that they leave the coffee grinds in the cups and just give them a minute to sink to the buttom before they drink.

    Another way is to use a steamer and place the water in the pot, add a coffee filter on top with the ground espresso beans, and bring the water to a boil, let the steam get up through the coffee grinds and drop down when you turn off the heat. But this is much more complicated.

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    I have a Bunn brand and I love it! It is expensive, but it makes the best coffee! I am a coffee nut...I drink it all the time! Mine has a tank on the back of it that stays heated so when you pour the water in, its actually water that has been heated up instead of the water that you just poured in. Hope you find a better coffee pot so you can enjoy your coffee!

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    You can buy instant espresso so all you have to do is add hot water.

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