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Dual coffee maker/espresso machines - any recommendations?

Does anyone own a Krups xp2070? I am looking at this one because it is reasonably priced for a pump espresso machine and has the coffee maker with a timer. Are there any other recommendations for a dual, pump, with a timer? Thanks!!!

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    ha! that's the only coffee maker/espresso machine with a 15 bar pump and a timer that i've ever seen. i wanted one so bad. I couldn't find that model when i was shopping for them. we ended up getting a nice coffee maker and a nice espresso machine seperately. I've never seen another one so I'd go for that one.

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    I'm very fond of coffee in the morning and tea (either green or black chai) throughout the day. I also like non caffeinated chai and cranberry tea for fluid retention. My go to medicinal soup (and do not judge folks) is Lipton's chicken noodle in a pouch. When I feel like crap this could be supped all day. I'd never heard of Bonox before tonight. We don't use Vegemite here in Canada either but you can buy Marmite if you search hard and long.

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    I am not familiar w/ that machine but I would recommend reading customer reviews on sites like amazon.

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