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How can I get my net interface Uplink/donwlink speed and save it to futher performance analysis?

I´ve looking for a way to do it via SNMP and have a couple of programs (netmeter, dunwatch) that show the chart I need but don´t allow me to save it to analize it later. I also tried analyze sniffer and it has a beautiful database interface, but it saves only network load and not uplink/downlink separatedly.

I want this to check how good is the speed I´m getting from a wireless Internet Service.



I´m using windows XP and could handle technical answers. I have researched for a software to do it without success.

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    Don't know what OS you are using but the best possibile advice I can give you without getting too technical is to go to download.com and research the program Benchmark. It should be able to help you do what you are asking....junzfour

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    I use http://www.dumeter.com/

    Provides download speed and upload speed.

    It also saves everything to a .csv (comma separated values) file based on the day/month/year.

    Here's a website I created in PHP that parses out the .csv file for data checks. :) http://xinil.no-ip.info:3000/dumeter/

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