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  • Why does my stomach make so much noise?..Even when i'm not hungry?

    It's getting really embarrassing now. And sometimes it's not even like growling noises, but other noises ...I don't really know what to call them. Sometimes it happens after I eat, like I just had a patty right now and it's making funny noises. Yesterday I ate before class and drank lots of water and about an hour and a half into the class, just before the class ended it made this funny noise that sounded like a long, meowing fart. And we've to sit close to people in that class and the two guys beside me heard. They didn't look at me, but they shifted and I saw side glances. It has happened in other classes as well and the noises are really loud that no matter what, people'll hear. Even yesterday in another class, it was just making noises left and right, but that goodness it wasn't so loud, but it did make one loud one at one point and the girl next to me heard, of course. I usually drink lots of water and take a water bottle to lass with me so I can sip it from time to time and this seems to help stop the noises from coming or make them not as loud, but there's usually a few loud ones that'll come regardless, and in this class yesterday, I had bought a muffin to that class because of this reason, thinking eating something would stop, but the noises still came. And i wasn't hungry, btw, I'm afraid of going to class now. I thought this happens when you don't eat enough and now that i'm eating better, they're not getting better, Could it have anything to do with the way I sit? Usually the way i sit at home because of the temporary desk i use right now, i'm hunching my back most of the time and contracting my stomach. I don't know if that has anything to do with it. The other day I had a really bad case of diarrhea, which i think was brought on by stress, but i'm not sure. I went about 7 times. I take msm and another multiviamin, could this have anything to do with it. I don;t drink a lot of milk, I do eat eggs and have no limitation with food or allergies, but i don't a lot of things like mayo, butter, chocolate, peanuts because they give me breakouts and i've been battling acne for a while now. I read from another site from someone saying they knew someone with stomach noises and they took a spoon of olive oil in the morning with food or before eating...something about the fatty acids breaking down bacteria?...and the problem went away or at least greatly reduced. I'm going to try that tomorrow morning and see how it goes. I'm just trying to see if anyone else has had this problem and what worked. Maybe there's something i'm eating and shouldn't be, or my body;s not as healthy as i think it is. I'm afraid of going to classes or anywhere else, especially when there's silence.

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  • Can a guy change his perception of you if you decline sex with him?

    This guy I was kinda talking to for 3 weeks just recently asked me if I'd like to be his fwb (friends with benefits). We also had two arguments. The first being that I told him not to mess with my feelings and the other was rumors at school that he had a girlfriend (which he still denies). We're ok now, but I think the sparks aren't as strong anymore. Then he texted me saying that he's not looking for a girlfriend right now and doesn't want to waste my time when he asked me if I'd like to be his fwb. I told him I don't do casual sex and wanted to stay platonic friends with him. I was hoping that we'd get to know each other to where we could have a relationship. Do you think he'll think better of me now that I told him I won't sleep with him casually? We've never been intimate. The only thing we did was give each other a hug when we'd say hello or goodbye. Thanks!

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  • Anyone ever tried Plenty of Fish?

    I found it useless. It was my last hope. I said Id never do it. My therapist told me to try it. It was one rejection after another. Typical. I think theres something really wrong with me. Girls just arent intersted in dating me. They say they are but back out at the last minute. I come to expect it now. Ive been single for a year and only in one other relationship that lasted a year before that. Total relationship experience year and a half. Thats it. Tons of people say that Im really good looking and have a ton of attractive qualities. Im not nearly as shy as I used to be. I see other guys with girls and theyre not perfect. But girls seem to expect perfection from me. They end it after about 2 weeks now. The last three have been that way. Everytime I make the smallest mistake or say something they dont agree with. THey never want to talk to me again. I dont understand. Im polite, honest, open, got a good job, good family, dont drink or drug. What wrong with me?

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  • Myrtle Beach Vs. Daytona Beach for spring break 2010?

    My girlfriend and I(we are 20 and 19) are looking to go someplace for spring break this year and have narrowed it down between these two locations. We're looking for a place with a warm beach to relax on, a good nightlife, and lots of attractions but don't want to have to fight through crowds to get around or spend ridiculous amounts of money to have a good time. If some of you could give me the pros and cons of both locations as well as your personal experiences that would help With our decision.

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  • If the numerator is increased by 5, and the denominator is decreased by 3, the?

    Let x/ y represent a fraction

    If the numerator is increased by 5, and the denominator is decreased by 3, the

    resulting fraction is 1/4


    However, if the numerator is decreased by 22/5, and the denominator is tripled,

    the resulting fraction is – 2/5. Find the fraction x/y


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  • Why do shy girls reject guys they like?

    I am pretty experienced at finding out if a girl likes you by body language and signals (I think lol). They smile all the time, laugh all the time, quick glances, stare...etc. I know this girl at least kind of likes me. She allowed me to walk her to class one day so I decided to ask her to the movies. She said she had plans this weekend... no alternate time! She is really shy so I don't really know what is going on.

    Shy girls are so hard to figure out...

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  • Do you feel guilty when you kill a spider?


    I feel a deep sense of satisfaction knowing there's one less spider in the world and I go to sleep smiling.

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