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  • so please help with this decision?

    So i was going for the LVN program (License Vocational Nursing) but i'm kinda doing bad at this moment. Eventually those hopes of becoming a nurse are looking too GPA drop which is a big +'s for my prerequisites to get into the LVN( i fail A&P) :'(. My decision now is to eventually change my major into the business field..I was looking into the Legal Office Specialist program. The program takes one year (12 months) but i need more deep inside information about this so far on my research i got is they make 40k a year??? is this info. true? Give me some more details about this field. I would def. appreciate it.

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  • would you buy a pair of pants for $170 bucks?

    even if it was a discount..orig. price being $350 bucks for a pair of D&G pants on their website.

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  • homosexuality..nature or nurture?

    what do you think?

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  • i had an with a horse?

    I was driving with my truck on a lonely pavement road. It was a foggy night and out of blue this horse came right on my right side and i crash into it . Even though it was almost ranches properties through this areas, it was still in the city limits..So the truck was giving a total loss by my insurance company but they never conducted an investigation on the horse owner, not even the sheriff. So my question is, can i still get a lawyer to conduct an investigation and sue the person responsible for my accident for negligence..what if it had been a family van with kids on it.

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  • what would you do if you were in a plane?

    and you saw three arm man getting up and scream out loud..ALRIGHT!!! this is a hijacked..stay where you are! how would you react and what would you do? Take into account the person flying the plane now is also a hijacker..taking control of it now.

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  • at what age do you think is right to get married?

    I know being financially stable is a must when getting married, but still at what age you think is right to get married?

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  • what is your opinion about tattoos on girls?

    do they make them look trashy? like those tramp stamps...

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  • do you think $160 bucks on a pair pants is too much?

    whats the most you've spend on them?

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  • how come if celebrities are so pretty?

    Most of them didn't come from doing modeling for top Dolce&Gabbana,Giorgio Armani,Chanel,Louis Vuitton,Gucci,Prada,Dior,Mar Jacobs,Versace,Valentino etc..but yet many celebrities like Megan Fox,Scarlett Johansson,Natalie Portman,Eva Longoria..just to name a few are consider the most hot woman in the world? why is this when they didn't even do modeling. I mean, you should really see the models for this top modeling that is the definition of "flawless".

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  • why is it that in biblical times it was?

    normal for old people to marry younger girls that it would be considering illegal in our times? why was it normal back then and now is just plain wrong for a person to do that and would be consider a pedophile.

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  • ¿que opinan de Felipe Calderón?

    y su guerra contra el narcotráfico...creen que va por buen rumbo? oh que es una batalla que nunca sera ganada? están de acuerdo que el narcotráfico es algo que se tiene que hacer para un lado y nomas hacer la vista para un lado? ustedes están de acuerdo para la pena de muerte para todos los narcos?

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  • today is my b-day and...?

    my BF broke out with me on my b-day...why would he do that? I had to call him to remind him that today was my b-day and he was quite and out of blue he told me "he was breaking up with me" then he hang up? why would he do that on such a special day for me? *cries*

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  • oi, que significa essa palavra?

    oi, meus amigos do Brasil. Vi alguns brasileiros me diga esta palavra em um jogo que eu estava brincando ""fdp q **!" então um deles foi "kkkkkkkk"< o que significa essas duas coisas? também o que significa "legal" em Brasil? obrigado...Sinto muito se eu nao escrever algo uso um tradutor :(.

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  • question about the LVN program?

    Is there a difference between the math courses you have to take for the LVN or the RN other words... is there more hard and complicated math needed for the RN program than the LVN certificate? Also what kind of math do you need for the LVN program. I am currently taking A&P and i wanna know this before i take out my old demon foe (math) :\.

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  • what would your reaction be?

    if out of blue one day an alien ship would make public appearance in our skies? would your perspective of god change? for all those religious people.

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  • what are some good diabetic shoes?

    what are some good recommended diabetic shoes for some one with poor blood circulation. Also does the shoe have to be one size more bigger for the feet to have space and to be comfy?

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  • using foot spa for diabetic person?

    i am planning on buying a foot spa massage machine for my dad. Although i heard that is bad for people with diabetes for the warm/cold sensation they lose on the're feet due to neuropathy nerve damage. He does suffer from this, but i'm gonna monitor the water that is warm enough for him etc..can i still buy one with me monitoring the foot spa? what other harms besides the water being too hot for his feet can occur?

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  • is eating raw meat normal?

    i have a friend who i caught eating raw meat, which we had buy to cook for a friends gathering night. When i confronted him about this (in a good way) he told me his been doing this since 5yrs now, but he told me he usually takes bites off it in small sizes. What surprises me is that his never gotten sick or anything. I wanted to know if he has some kind of mental issues or is this just pure bizarre?

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  • are there still any relatives of mozart?

    I would really like to know if there are people on this earth (living in this day and age) that KNOW they are the grand-grand-...-son/daughter of the greatest composer of all time(mozart) like long long relatives of Mozart's family.

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