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The Hitman

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.. WWE Champion [First] [2 times] World Champion [1 time] ECW Champion [1 time] WWE Intercontinental Champion [1 time] WWE European Champion [1 time] World Tag Team Champion [1 time] WWE Tag Team Champion [1 time] WWE Hall Of Fame [Class Of 2008] King Of The Ring [First] [2007] Royal Rumble [First] [2008] Grand Slam Champion [First] Triple Crown Champion [First] RAW General Manager TNA World Champion [First] [1 time] ACW World Champion [3 times] NWA World Champion [4 times] JCP World Champion [2 times] AWA Undisputed Champion [2 times] AWA World Champion [First] [1 time] AWA King Of Sinn [First] [2008] OWA World Champion [First] [3 times] OWA Tag Team Champion [First] [1 time] User Of The Year Feud Of The Year Face Of The Year Match Of The Year Expert Of The Year Moment Of The Year Wrestler Of The Year Contributor Of The Year Y!A Hall Of Fame [2007] Y!R Hall Of Fame [2007] Top Contributor [2 times] Y!R Sports Section Leader Y!R Wrestling Section Leader The Best There Ever Will Be

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