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  • Mac Book Pro or Dell xps 15z?

    I am split on which computer to buy. I can either get a Mac Book Pro 13 in. for $1199 or an Dell xps 15z 15in. for $1099. I don't mind paying either price.

    Here are the configurations for the Mac Book:


    •2.4GHz Dual-core Intel Core i5

    •4GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM — 2x2GB

    •500GB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm

    •SuperDrive 8x (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)

    •Backlit Keyboard (English) & User's Guide

    •Accessory Kit (iLife)

    720 HD Display

    And here is the xps 15z:

    XPS 15z XPS 15z DAO FCG14

    PROCESSOR 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-2640M processor (2.80 GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 3.50 GHz)

    VIDEO CARD NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 525M 1GB graphics with Optimus

    MEMORY 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 1333MHz

    INTERNAL OPTICAL DRIVE 8X Slot Load CD/DVD Burner (Dual Layer DVD+/-R Drive)

    WIRELESS + BLUETOOTH Intel© Centrino© Advanced-N 6230 & Bluetooth 3.0

    BATTERY OPTIONS 8-Cell (64 WHr) Battery

    SOUND OPTIONS Waves Maxx Audio 3

    DATASAFE DataSafe 2.0 Online Backup 2GB for 1 year

    1 year Premium Protection Plan

    HD DISPLAY Elemental Silver Aluminum 15.6" 300-nit FHD (1080P) WLED Display with Webcam

    HARD DRIVE 1TB 5400 RPM SATA Hard Drive

    KEYBOARD Backlit Keyboard - English

    INTEGRATED NETWORK ADAPTER Integrated 10/100/1000 Network Card

    ADOBE READER Adobe® Reader X

    IDENTITY THEFT PROTECTION Trusted ID,IDSafe, 12 Month Subscription, Digital Delivery

    I like the Mac because it has iLife and I would use iMovie a lot (or some video editing software).

    But the Dell has a better screen, a bit larger screen and is a Windows. (I have always used Windows but would be willing to switch to a Mac).

    So which one would you recommend I buy?

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  • I got a conscussion and went wave surfing?

    I believe I got a concussion at the pool yesterday and today I went wave board surfing. Is there any risks? Should I not do any physical activity?

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  • I hit my head yesterday..?

    I hit my head, not (too hard but also not soft) yesterday while swimming. I was at the pool and was swimming underwater, since it was dirty I had my eyes closed. I hit my head while swimming to the wall and for a second was still before I went up. I didn't pass out or anything. Today, I feel sort of dizzy and have a mild headache. The back of my head also hurts. I am currently on vacation and won't be able to go to a doctor until next monday. What should I do? Should I worry? Can I go to the beach or should I just rest?

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  • Gun-control in Mexico?

    Why do people believe that taking away gun control will reduce the violence in Mexico. I may who knows, however, the reasoning I see for that is heavily flawed. People suggest that with more access to guns by the population they will be better equiped to defend themselves against the cartels. However, poiting a gun and shooting at these groups will not help the victims. If a family man, decides to shoot at the cartels if they attempt to hurt him or his family, they will promptly overwhelm the man and out of revenge kill him and his family. To make the point clear, if cops and SOLDIERS both whom would have better weapons and training are killed daily. What makes people think that normal citizens would fair much better?

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  • Okay, something about Luke Skywalker?

    I don't like people criticizing Galen Marek without first looking at Luke Skywalker.

    First of all he is a whiny brat in the movies. He also gets suspiciously too powerful in a very short amount of time training. It took Jedi years and years and years to be as good as they were, and yet in the prequels they are still weak. Unless they were Mace Windu, Yoda, Obi1, Anakin they all were relatively weak. Yet here comes along Luke Skywalker and in a short amount of training becomes strong enough to beat Darth Vader, who hunted down many Jedi, including Jedi Masters, what the heck. Luke Skywalker is OVERPOWERED. Even Anakin after 10 years of training in AOTC couldn't beat Jango Fett, much less your average Jedi, yet Luke beats Boba quite easily...along with everybody in Jabba's palace.

    Then he is considered such a hero at the end of EP. VI even though he didn't do anything new. All he did was beat Vader, but Obi1 did it, Galen Marek did it. So what was the big deal?

    Then comes the EU, who make him the strongest Jedi ever. Okay first of all, Luke Skywalker has the thickest plot armor of all the heroes ever. He literally cannot die. Since George Lucas wouldn't authorize a author to kill his most profitable player. Luke never had the slightest chance of dying in any of the stories. The books, comics just act as a fairy tell, telling the adventures of Luke. In other words Luke was just a character to make money out of. He could have gone to Stupid Planet and fought StupidMookslings just to make money.

    In the prequels it was set up, so that your chances at survival were relative to your strength. Normal Jedi got killed because they were weaker, Mace Windu, Yoda, Obi1 weren't killed because they were strong and could protect themselves, (mostly until the end). Yet Luke even though he was probably just as strong as a normal Jedi with inferior skills , never had a chance of dying.

    Then he becomes the strongest ever. And he is the best swordman and performs out of this world feats. With what? With holocrons!!! How can you reach your full potential without formal training? How can you become the best swordman ever, even though you started at the age of 19? Did Windu just suck that much, that after years and years of training he still was inferior to Luke? And Yoda( who had a high force potential and trained FOR 800 YEARS couldn't, at his best couldn't do, half the stuff Luke does in EU. EU just is a way to make money from a character, who can't die, who gains powers as the plot requires it and is overpowered.Luke Skywalker AT the end of the day he is a boring Immortal Hero.

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  • Is my mom a dislocated worker?

    My mother has several part time jobs throught the week as she is a house keeper. I am filling out the FAFSA with the IRS tax return from last year. However, she has lost a couple of her jobs, but she still has three other jobs. Does she qualify as a dislocated worker?

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  • Question on the FAFSA?

    I have the tax returns for my parents. It asks me to fill in the income of my mother. However, she has lots several of her part time jobs since last year. Should I still include the income as it is seen on the W-2 form or adjust and estimate her new income for this year (2011)?

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  • I was bit by my cat a few days ago?

    I was bit by my cat on my left hand a few days ago and he doesn't have his rabies shots. I haven't gone to the doctor, but I have been noticing that I have numbness on my right hand and sometimes on my left hand. Can you please help me.

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  • Why do English people think Mexico is in South America?

    I have heard numerous people from England say that Mexico is in South America. It's not, its in North America along with USA and Canada. Below it is Central America, and below CA is South America. You could say its in Latin America but not South America.

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  • Why do English people think Mexico is in South America?

    I have heard numerous people from England say that Mexico is in South America. It's not, its in North America along with USA and Canada. Below it is Central America, and below CA is South America. You could say its in Latin America but not South America.

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  • What is the proper protocol after a cat bite?

    Ok, so I got bit by my cat two nights ago. It bled, I just stopped the bleeding before going to bed. My cat does not have the rabies vaccine and I am worried I might have contracted rabies. What is the proper protocol or what are the proper steps should I take from now on. Should I call the doctor and set up an appointment for tomorrow? Or go the er? What happens if I do to the doctor or the er? What will they do? Should I be worried?

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  • Infection on a cat bite?

    My cat bit me last night. It made a long cut it bleed for about 10 minutes then I managed to stop it. I only covered it with Kleenex and i'm not sure I washed my hands before falling asleep. Today it was closed and it seems it is starting to heal but i never covered it with a bandaid. However, I have read that cat bites are very risky for infections. What should I do now? Put antibacterial? Bandaid? Peroxide?

    Should I call the doctor? Is it dangerous?

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  • My cat bit me, can I have rabies?

    My cat bit me last night. He doesn't have the rabies shot. Last time he got them was in 2009. I'm am freaking out because I read that it is 100% fatal after first simptoms appear. I don't know what to do. If I should wait till tomorrow to see the doctor or go to the er tonight. I don't know if my cat has rabies, but he bit me when he was in my lap, hard and I started bleeding. I didn't put alcohol or peroxide on the cut, I think I just watched my hands and went to bed. Can I have rabies or another infection from the cat. What should i do, go to the er right now or wait to the doctor tomorrow afternoon about 3 pm. I'm really scared. Please tell me whats the best thing to do. I rather not wait untill tomorrow if its a lot safer and less risky to go to the er now.

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  • What do you think of the Pretzels M&M's?

    I like them but their not as good as the ones with the peanut inside (yellow bag) . What do you think?

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  • When a teacher says "Life isn't fair"?

    When a teacher says "Life isn't fair" does she have a point? Or she just using it as an excuse to justify her unfair treatment and favoritism towards other students?

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  • When a teacher says "Life isn't fair"?

    When a teacher says "Life isn't fair" does she have a point? Or she just using it as an excuse to justify her unfair treatment and favoritism towards other students?

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  • Should I buy the Rosetta Stone?

    I found a German Rosetta Stone for $325 all five levels. Would you recommend I buy it since its cheap. $599 is normal price for all 5 levels of course I would never buy all 5 levels for that price I would buy 1-3 maybe. So do you think its worth it? I also saw that Instant Immersion was pretty cheap $40 or less. Would you recommend I take the first deal or stick with Instant Immersion? Thanks in advance.

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  • Will my tropical fish die?

    I changed the water in the tank and replaced with water in a tank outside. Stupid me, because that water was very cold at around 40 F. I didn't realize that is was hurting my fish. Well I put the fish in and it was just floating I wondered what was wrong. Then like 2-3min later my sister told me it was the cold water. I quickly took out the fish and put it in warm water. I'm worried now though it slightly turned blue and its looks pretty sick. Will it die? Or will it be ok? I need to know.

    P.s. yes i know i'm stupid and I feel bad

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  • What's up with World Player's in the world cup?

    After Zidane, all the World Players of the Year have sucked in the world cup. (Ronaldinho, C. Ronaldo, Messi etc.), why does this happen? are the days when the best in the world actually showed it in the world's best sporting event over? where are the pele's, maradona's, zidane's and ronaldo's???

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  • A crush when watching old movies?

    Has it ever happened that you watch and old movie, perhaps the 80's, then you completely fall in love with the character, but know that they aren't the same now. It happened to me, I watched a movie and fell in love with the actress but was dissapointed when I looked her up and she was older and married (and had kids). However, I treasure her as a dream girl.

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