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Me encantalnime y elmanga especialmente skip beat y naruto en las 2 categorias , veo j dramas tw dramas y alguna y que o tra veces k drama( dramas japoneses taiwanese y korianas) soy amigable pregunteme lo que sea y si tiene que ver de lo que dije anterior mente mucho mejor mi 360 es

  • My window vista won't read my P.S.P memory stick?

    What should I do please tell me

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  • Audio books completely free?

    I am looking for completely free please don't say is ilegal or something like that i will give you a thumbs down it can be English or Spanish ((no audible,no something that sound like a robot)) thanks

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  • shoujo anime with a strong female character?

    I am looking for a great shojo anime is you don't know what is shoujo is anime more direct to te female audince please that the anime don't have echii stuff,depressing or that the girl is a mayor weakling or shoujo-ai just a great shoujo

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  • A good book for teens (paranormal romance)?

    Ok yeah! I am kind of new in this i only have read 7 book but the same series or saga

    So i am looking for a great book that i get addictive to and have that have great drama it doesn't have to be PARANORMAL but for TEEN please

    Some of the books i have read:

    Twilight saga (i think almost everyone have)

    The house of Night series (awesome series really)

    Shoot the moon

    (A friend give me this book for me to read i didn't wanted because it was different from the other i have read but when i got use to the way it was written it was SO awesome)

    Thanks you guys for the recommendations

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  • Can anyone tell me a site where i can download Ouran high school host club in Sub [Eng.] for free?

    i want the japanese version with english subs can anyone give me a link

    Please tell me where and for free thanks for your help

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  • Anyone knows if Naruto shippuuden movie 2 have come or when it will out?

    I just want to know if i can see the movie somewhere or when it will come for me to see

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  • can some one recommend me a MANGAKA or a MAGA ?

    dozo(please) tell me one or two or more MANGAKAS ,or MANGAS that are similars to this or a MANGAS that have a female main character have strong personality and also i will like it if it was shoujo have comedy and romance

    well my favorite mangaka is :

    NAKAMURA Yoshiki = is for her stories and art like skip beat or tokyo crazy paradise

    there are also

    ARAI Kiyoko == because of beauty pop\

    TAKANASHI Mitsuba -- crimson hero

    WATASE Yuu == Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden

    KAWAHARA Kazune == Koukou Debut

    HAYAKAWA Tomoko == Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge

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  • shugo chara fans please enter?

    please if you hace deviant leave comment if you like it or if you didn't

    and bye the way let me aks some questions

    1.who is your favorite character person and shugo? you can mix the characters

    Kuukai and Kisike *tasade is S.C

    Amu and Ran

    2 Who is the character you are like ?

    i think i am like Suu because i like to cook

    3 wich is yur favorite episode?

    my fav episode is 29

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  • where i can download shugo chara in raw?

    please help i need all the episode that i can get thanks for your help

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  • can you recommend me a shoujo anime?

    anime for girls :i have seen this one=


    ouran high school host club

    shugo chara

    hana yori dango

    school rumble

    school rumble nigakki

    full moon wa .... just finish made me cried but not bad cried good jeje


    please and thanks

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  • Que prefieren manga o anime?y porque?

    se que ya han hecho muchas preguntas igual a esta pero yo queria hacerla jeje

    Esta pregunta es super dificil para mi pues me gusta los 2 igual mente pero queriasaber que piensan ustedes^

    "Una estrellita si les gusta es anime o el manga o las 2"

    Saludos a CyA

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  • a los qe llen el manga y ven el anime de naruto?

    ok como conerlo en palabras mmm...? saben que el anime y el manga toman rumbos diferentes verdad cual de las 2 le van gustando mas el anime o el manga a mi me gusta el anim pues ASUMA ayuda mas a NARUTO y no muere tan rapido y aparece SORA y pues cual te gusta mas el MANGA o el ANIME


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  • please recommend me a manga!!!?

    a will like one like "tokyo crazy paradise,hanai kimi,ouran high school host club" pretty much i am looking for a manga whith Romance ,Gendre blender,Comedy,a litter of action,and if is possible harem(1girl and 6 guy)like ouran o and please that the manga have a good drama i mean that is good like SKIP BEAT or something please and thanku.=D











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    ╚╝╚╩╝╚╩╩╩╩╩═╝and support it!!!

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  • can anyone recommend me punk pop or punk rock music?

    i like the type like al america rejects and simple plan please thanks

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  • Ren'ai Cupid wrer i can read this manga?

    please is not i manga onemanga,manga yomi,or volumen

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  • la pelicula de naruto shippuudden 4?

    ok ya me dijeron que salio el 28 de abril eso es cierto y si es asi me pueden dar un link donde pueda bajarlo que no sea (.ares,limewire,bittorent ect... graqcia)

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  • no puede ser es vedad que la pelicula de naruto?

    me dijeron que viene para el 25 de septiembre del 2009 por favor digame la verdad


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  • me recomienda un anime?

    que sea como ouran high school host o un manga como de hana kimi por favor que NO sea echii y para los que no an visto OURAN es una comedia romantica osea que sea shoujo gracias^_^

    aqui esta todo los que ya he visto

    fruits basket

    school rumble

    shugo chara

    naruto(aun que no es shoujo)

    love hina

    oh my goddes

    perfec girl evolution


    absolute boy friend

    cherry juice

    dear school gang leader

    Gakkou no Ojikan

    Moe Kare












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  • can some one recommend me a anime like?

    Ouran High School Host Club or the manga hana kimi please not echii anime or manga please and thanks

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