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  • Started hormone replacement therapy and have pain in my upper abdomen. Normal?

    I started 2mg of sublingual estradiol this past Monday (5 days who) and also spironolactone (unsure on dosage) and ever since I’ve had a dull throbbing ache in my upper right abdomen (below rib cage but above belly button. Should I be worried? I️t seems to go away overnight and then come back midday after taking my medication again.

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  • I just got contacts for astigmatism but I m having issues with them centering on my eye. What does this mean?

    On my right eye, the contact doesn t focus but if I slightly push the contact over with my finger by pushing on my upper lid towards my nose (so it s kind of rotating the contact slightly) then I can see perfectly out of that eye but the second I let go or blink, it goes back to being blurry again (does this mean that one of the parameters of my contacts is incorrect?

    For my left eye, literally nothing I do makes them clear. They get slightly less blurry if I do the same trick I tried with my right eye but they re still very blurry and it gives me headaches wearing them both together because even if I get the right contact to focus, my left eye is blurry.

    I m kind of at a loss at what to do. I ordered exactly what my prescription should be but I ordered a years supply of very expensive contacts from italy. I don t want to have to reorder new contacts because my prescription isn t correct.

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  • 4lb dog ate pomegranate. What do I do?

    I have a 4 pound biewer terrier and I gave him about 3 arils (the seeds from a pomegranate) before I realized they may be bad for dogs. He really enjoyed them but ever since his tongue has been hanging (not really hanging just slightly poking out) out of his mouth. He hasn t thrown up or had any stomachs issues (yet). Should I be worried?

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  • Car squealing when idling or when not accelerating?

    I have an Audi A4 and my car is making a very high pitched squealing noise when the car is idling or when the car isn't accelerating. I wondered if it might be the alternator but the car doesn't seem to have any problems running other than the noise... What could this be?

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  • Carfax has multiple years of no data?

    I'm looking at a car and the dealer provided me a carfax report and it says it is only a 2 owner car however the original owner appears to have been offered for sale in 2007 and then the next owner/record starts in 2011... Is this really a 2 owner car? The mileage seems to go up accordingly, as in the vehicle was offered for sale at 55k miles and then rebought again 4 years later with the next record having only 58k miles. So it is almost like the car sat in a garage for 4 years which I doubt it likely.... So what could this mean?

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  • Do car boots scratch your rims?

    I recently saw someone's car with a boot on the wheel and it occurred to me how big of a contraption it was and I was curious if those things scratch your rims when they are put on/taken off?

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  • What is this book I'm thinking of?

    Its a book I read a while ago and I don't remember many of the details but I remember a portion of it was about how the government came up with a way to take body parts from one person and give them to another. If you were convicted of something you were punished to be mutilated, wherein they would take your body parts and then sell them off to other people to have put on themselves. By the end of the book the protagonist (a girl) is in love with a boy but he has his arm replaced, after an injury, by the arm that attempted to kill/rape her, I can't remember which, but it had a shark on the arm... I know this is super vague but I'd appreciate any help you might have into what this book might be.

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  • What is this book I'm thinking of?

    Ok so the plot is this: People have a test at some point in time during their teenage years which determines what they are. Their are several different types of things you can be but the most prominent one I remember was the group you were placed into if you were a daredevil, you jumped out of a moving train onto the roof of a building to prove your daredevilness.

    By the end of the book, the government of the daredevils tried to take over the entire society by brainwashing each person with needles but it didn't work as some people aren't susceptible to the thing that is injected into them that makes them obey commands.

    What is this? It was a really interesting book, teen fiction I suppose or young adult.

    Thanks in advanced. Also it's not the giver....

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  • Where do iProduct repair stores get their parts?

    As far as I know, Apple does not sell off parts to 3rd parties so when someone takes a broken iProduct to a technician where do these parts come from that they use to fix the item? If they are certified does that necessarily mean that Apple has given them parts to fix items with? Seeing as Apple stores themselves don't even have the luxury to replace many things, unless they're computer parts of course, in store I feel like this is not the case but just wanted to make sure.

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  • Where can I find these fur booties?

    Youtube thumbnail

    The boots that guy is wearing, where can I find these?

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  • Where can I find these fur booties?

    Youtube thumbnail

    The boots that guy is wearing, where can I find these?

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  • My ear piercing is infected and the stud is coming out?

    I had my ear pierced twice 7 days ago and so far the one has healed fairly well but the other is infected and I don't know what to do. I had them pierced with studs rather than the loops and the infected one has completely swollen over the stud and I'm worried that it will seal over it... Also the back of the stud is incredibly painful. I accidentally hit the back of the stud with a q tip trying to clean it with Neosporin and it came halfway out so basically the entire diamond on the other end was yanked halfway through my cartilage... Its leaking pus from both ends so it hasn't closed yet but I'm scared and it isn't long enough to push it through enough that i can see the diamond in front. I'm going to see my school's doctor tomorrow and then I suppose he'll probably tell me to go to the hospital to get antibiotics but I don't know what to do now...

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  • Cartilage swollen completely over piercing. HELP?

    I had my ear pierced a week ago and it has been slowly swelling up. I had initially thought it was just a part of the healing process but now it has completely swollen over the diamond on the front of my ear and is incredibly painful. I don't know what to do. I have a friend who is going to drive me to have it checked out at the place I had it pierced but should I do that or just skip that and head straight for the hospital?

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  • Cartilage piercing swollen almost over piercing.?

    I had my cartilage pierced twice in the same ear at the same time and my entire ear is swollen. Around the piercings it is almost swollen completely over the piercing. At the moment it has swollen enough to be about level with the piercing... I'm scared because I don't want it to swell over it but at the same time I really don't want to take it out and have gone through all of this pain and suffering the past week just to have to redo it another time if I still want my ear pierced... It hurts but it isn't horrible but I'm definitely scared. It isn't infected and it stopped bleeding after the second day but I just don't know when/if this swelling will go down. BTW I had this done at a professional piercing place.

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  • I think my artery was hit when I had my ear pierced?

    So I had my ear professionally pierced the other day and so far it has not stopped bleeding since last night... I did accidentally hit it when I was on the phone yesterday night but I just talked to someone and she said it was possible, and more likely probable, that he hit an artery and that's why it's bleeding more than usual... what do I do?

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  • Cartilage piercing continually bleeding?

    So I got my cartilage pierced twice on the same ear, 2 days ago and the bottom piercing, it's about midway between the top of my ear and the bottom of my lobe, is continually bleeding... It with sort of dry up after a while but then after I clean it off with warm water and sea salt water it will stop for a bit then it will continue again... Not sure what to do. I don't want to take it out because it isn't infected and I believe it is healing ok, it just keeps bleeding...

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  • Do I need a freezer for college?

    I'm about to go away for college and I'm trying to decide if I get a mini fridge should I get a model with a freezer or not? I'm looking at summit models as they add auto defrosting so I don't need to deal with the problems of non defrosting fridges... Although for cheaper I can get the same model without the freezer, and ultimately a larger fridge capacity and with a lock just in case... Opinions?

    The models I'm looking at are:


    I'm kinda unsure and nervous about having a fridge without a lock, lock or not...

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  • Trying to decide on an Espresso/Coffee Machine?

    I'm going away to college and while I'm not a big coffee drinker I LOVE lattes and the like. I'm trying to decide between 3 different machines.

    The Nespresso Delonghi Lattissima

    The Breville Brewing System

    The Nespresso Citiz Machine

    I like the variety of the K-cups that the Breville offers the best, as I'm sure with over 200 different flavors for different drinks, including iced drinks, I can find something I like but if I do get that machine I'd also have to get a milk frother... Whereas the Lattissima has a frother included and the Citiz comes with one.

    I guess it just comes down to what would be the best choice? I think for simpleness in mind the Lattissima would be best but as far as variety the Breville would win hands down...

    On another note: The Breville supposedly has quiet-brew technology, which I'm sure my roommate would love me for whereas the Nespresso machines sound like a tractor is rolling through the room...

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